June Beauty Challenge

June Beauty Product Detox Challenge 

My beauty collection has officially hit capacity. Every square inch of my bathroom is overflowing with products and there are backups stockpiled throughout the house - it's a product palooza and not in a good way! Despite being strongly anti-clutter and having pretty minimal belongings, I've never applied my Marie Kondo addiction to my beauty stash, so this month I am challenging myself (and you!) to go a 30 day product detox, where I will 1. not buy any new beauty products (unless they are absolutely necessary), 2. try to finish up as many of my half-empty products as possible and 3. not spend any money on beauty services (that's right, no mani/pedi's). 

Beauty by: brittany June Beauty no spend challenge
Beauty by: brittany June Beauty no spend challenge


For starters, it's a space issue. Like many declutter moments, this all started because I am just plain out of places to stash this stuff. But all these products have also started to make me feel wasteful - I love trying different products, but have so many that I rarely finish any to the last drop. The result? Lots of half empty bottles end up in the trash, which isn't just a waste of product and money, it's also not very environmentally friendly. Which leads me to...

Beauty by: brittany June Beauty no spend challenge
Beauty by: brittany June Beauty no spend challenge

the benefits

There are so many ways that this 30-day "no spend" challenge can help you and, call me crazy, but it just sounds fun! Ideally, it should help streamline your beauty routine and help you learn what you do or don't really need and what works or doesn't work for you. My closet only houses a capsule wardrobe, so why should my medicine cabinet be any different? Less stuff equals less stress and a more sustainable routine! You could also find a new love in products you hadn't tried yet, rediscover an old favorite or find a fun way to repurpose something you didn't initially like. Take that too heavy winter face cream and use it as a luxurious hand treatment instead! At the very least, you will clear out some space and save some money, which are never bad things. If you run out of an absolute essential (say toothpaste) of course you can get another, but before you break out your wallet ask yourself if you have a similar product you could use instead or if there's a way to DIY with what you have at home. 

So let the challenge begin! Come July I'll check back in with everything I finished and my experience, but in the meantime, let me know how you're getting on in the comments below. Have you ever completed a "no spend" month? Do you have any beauty products you're excited to finally finish? I can't wait to hear from you! 


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