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One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm, Kypris Antioxidant Dew, Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil

With every change in seasons comes a change in skincare routines! As the autumn temperatures drop and the air dries out, those summer skincare products are just not cutting anymore, so these days I'm amping up the moisture and reaching for richer textures. A few of these products are year round favorites, others are cold-weather staples, but what they all have in common is that they are keeping my skin balanced and moisturized despite the chill. To keep things easy, I'm limiting this to include only what I am using everyday and I'll be breaking it down into my morning and nighttime routine, so you'll know exactly what to use when and why! Let's start with what I'm slapping on my face each morning...

Beauty by brittany, Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, Glossier Super Bounce, Glossier Priming Moisturizer, One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm, Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper
Beauty by brittany, Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil, Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil, Kypris Antioxidant Dew, The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner,  One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm, Kiko Milano   30 Days Extension Night Treatment Booster
Beauty by brittany  Grande Cosmetics Grande Lips GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper
Beauty by brittany  Glossier The Supers Super Bounce Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin B5 Serum
Beauty by brittany One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm

Oh, Glossier, you still hold my heart. If you haven't already heard me sing this brand's praises, go have a read here for all the details. The best thing about these products is how straightforward they are. They do what they need to do. Period. I am still loving Milky Jelly for my daytime cleanser because it's ultra gentle, leaves my skin clean but not stripped, and it smells like roses. Same thing goes for Glossier's Priming Moisturizer; it soothes any redness and gives just enough moisture to hydrate the skin without leaving it too slick for makeup. What's new to my Glossier stash, though, is the serum Super Bounce. This little guy is part of The Supers trio, made up of Super Bounce, Super Glow and Super Pure. It took all the willpower I have to limit myself to just one, but my gut said to go for Bounce as it's full of hyaluronic acid, which can hold 1000x it's weight in water, and Vitamin B5, a water soluble humectant that helps with skin elasticity. I have been using a few drops each morning before applying the Priming Moisturizer and am loving it. It adds the extra hydration I need and provides a great base for makeup, but feels virtually weightless on my skin. Glossier recommends using this only once a day because it is so concentrated.

As for eye cream, I am officially back on One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm. I love this stuff, but it is THICK so I had to set it aside for the summer. With a Vitamin E and shea butter base, this 100% natural product delivers major moisture plus antioxidants and free radical fighters from pomegranate, sea kelp, rooibus, eyebright and fennel extracts. Again, it is really thick - almost like a hard balm - and a little goes a long way; I just scoop out the tiniest amount, warm it between my ring fingers and gently tap it around my eyes. This did feel heavy at first, but it actually absorbs really well and keeps my eye area nicely moisturized throughout the entire day. I'm also starting to really focus on lip care (something I've slacked on in the past) and for the last month have been using GrandeLips Hydrating Lip Plumper twice a day. I originally bought it to add some extra oomph to my pout, but have kept using it because it really soothes and hydrates my chronically chapped lips. On the ingredient list you'll find those magic words again - hyaluronic acid - along with collagen boosting peptides and caffeine for smooth, healthy lips. Truthfully, I have only seen a slight difference in plumpness (I'll pass final judgements when I finish the whole tube), but in the meantime, my lips are no longer dry and peeling so I'll take it! It leaves a very glossy finish, but my lips drink it up within half an hour leaving me perfectly prepped for lipstick.

Beauty by brittany,  The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner and Shiseido Facial Cotton
Beauty by brittany  Kiko Milano 30 Days Extension Night Treatment Booster
Kypris Antioxidant Dew Hydrating Serum

Nighttime is a similar story - it's all about hydration, my friends. Some nights I stick with Milky Jelly to cleanse, but will usually go with Josie Maran's Argan Cleansing Oil, especially when wearing makeup. This is the only cleanser I have used consistently for the last six years, so I can confidently say it's a winner! There are a lot of cleansing oils out there, but this is the most hydrating and cleanest rinsing one I've tried. It is made with argan, safflower, and grapeseed oils with grapefruit extract for a touch of brightening Vitamin C.  Like any other cleansing oil, it should be applied to dry skin so that it can really grab onto any makeup or impurities, next add a few drops of water to transform it into a milky consistency, massage for a minute or two and rinse. You'll be left with perfectly hydrated clean, soft skin.

Now summer might be over, but the congestion and clogged pores it brought with it are not. Instead of attacking my face with drying blemish formulas, I am turning to The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner, a toner that exfoliates, hydrates and boosts collagen all thanks to lactic acid. This product also helps to refine texture and reverse sun damage which means less congestion and fewer signs of aging like dark spots and fine lines. I got a few sun spots this summer and this is really making a difference! Admittedly, it smells like vinegar (just until it dries) and there was an initial week long purging period (a.k.a. a breakout), but if you can stick with it the results are worth it. Again, I love that this product is 100% natural.

Beauty by brittany  One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm Kypris Antioxidant Dew Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil
Beauty by brittany  Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil

Next up is my holy grail serum Kypris Antioxidant Dew, another 100% natural wonder. This serum just does something magical to my skin. It hydrates, reduces inflammation, calms redness, fights free radicals, and I fully credit it for reducing the appearance of a few broken capillaries. So what's in it? Sea algae extracts, Vitamins C & E, Ferulic Acid, Rose Extract, Tamanu Oil and lots of other goodness. What's not in it? Essential oils or synthetic ingredients that could irritate reactive or sensitive skin. I am now on my third bottle and just can't rave about it enough. You can use it morning and night (the only reason I keep it to nighttime now is because I wanted to try Super Bounce). If you're in a warmer climate or you're skin is more oily, you can absolutely use this as a standalone moisturizer. Personally, I like to layer it underneath a hydrating oil like Josie Maran's 100% Pure Argan Oil, which I've used since it launched in 2007. It's a wonderful multipurpose hydrator full of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that can be used from head to toe, and while I've tried other oils, none have been able to replace this one. 

To finish up, I apply my OLO Vitamin E Eye Balm with a more liberal hand for an intense overnight replenishing treatment and swipe on GrandeLips. And finally, I top it all off with Kiko Milano's 30 Day Extension Night Treatment Booster, a conditioning eyelash treatment that promises longer, thicker lashes. With all the mascara and rubbing our eyelashes endure, the least we can do is show them a little love, so this keratin infused hydrating treatment is great to keep lashes soft and full. I have used this for over a year now and my lashes are now growing in longer and darker, with fewer falling out during eye makeup removal. I have tried a few different eyelash conditioners, but this is the only one (so far) that doesn't irritate my crazy sensitive eyes. 

So that's everything! You might have noticed a focus on hydration...I've swapped in more oil-based formulas and am layering on extra hydrators to keep my skin glowy despite the crisp autumn air. It's all about coddling your complexion - keeping it clean, well moisturized and protected from outside aggressors like pollution and free radicals, so (fingers crossed) there won't be too much worry about reversing signs of aging in the future. Prevent, protect, be nice to your skin, and come winter you'll be in good shape! 

What made it into your autumn skincare routine? Have you tried any of the products above? Let me know in the comments below, and, as always, thank you for reading! 

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