Whoops! I Spilled My Foundation

The Laundress Wool Shampoo

As I was doing my makeup for a meeting the other day I had a major beauty blunder - my foundation exploded, spilling all over my white sheepskin rug! I've always heard that sheepskins can't be cleaned, but I hated the idea of just throwing it out. Since these rugs have been insanely popular for the last few years, I figured I couldn't be the only person this has happened to, so for anyone else who has spilled makeup on a sheepskin rug and thought it was ruined, I have great news! You can wash it! Here's the how-to:

First, lightly vacuum the rug to pick up any loose dirt. Next, using an enzyme-free detergent, run the rug through the washing machine on either a gentle or woolens cycle with cool water. When done, dry the rug skin side up on a drying rack. When the rug is totally dry brush it lightly in an up-and-out motion with a wire brush to get out any knots and make it nice and fluffy. It's that easy! 

For detergent, I used The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo and it cleaned the rug perfectly! It got all the makeup out, leaving the rug super soft and lightly scented of cedar. Big plus - it also got rid of the slight yellow tint sheepskins tend to get over time. So next time you spill makeup all over something that you think is not washable, don't throw it out, just do a little Googling!

I hope this was helpful. If this has happened to you or you try out the method above, let me know in the comments below!