The Spring Nail Switch Up

Essie lilacism ballet slippers find me an oasis

I love spring - the sun is out and flowers are blooming. All that calls for a change in color palette! Since I tend to stick with red and deep wine nail shades through the fall and winter, I love to switch things up with some light pastels come springtime. I can get pretty pale in the colder months - throwing on a bright coral is out of the question until I get a bit of a tan going - so pastel colors are my go-to. Since they are usually white-based or sheer, pastels give me the color I'm craving without looking too stark against my fair post-winter complexion. Here are three I am loving this season:

Essie Ballet Slippers

Ballet Slippers. This is a total Essie classic and I just love it. It's a beautiful semi-sheer pale pink that is very versatile. I did two coats here, but it works equally well when I just want to give my nails a healthy glow - one coat of this with clear top coat for shine, and I'm good to go! I also love the look of layering Ballet Slippers over Essie's Marshmallow, a nice soft white, to help the pink pop and appear more opaque. Overall, it's the perfect everyday spring shade that I'm positive you will get a ton of wear out of. 

Essie Find Me An Oasis

Find Me an Oasis. I just picked this up the other day and, boy, do I love it. It's a white-based opaque ice blue; I might even call it a blue tinted white. Either way, it's amazing. I don't usually go for blue nails, but I saw this and thought it would go perfectly with my weekend standard of white tees and high waisted Levi's, and I wasn't wrong. It's a cool way to do pastel without getting super girly. My one issue with white-based shades like this is that they can get a bit streaky, but if you let this fully dry between coats you should be able to avoid that! 

Essie Lilacism

Lilacism. This one has become a springtime staple for me over the last couple years. It's a true lilac with a satin finish. It also has a bit of a gray undertone, making the finished look nice and soft. Lilac can be a particular color, so I didn't think I would get a ton of wear from this at first, but it turns out it compliments a surprising number of other colors (I especially love it against my army green jackets) and looks great on any skin tone. I've come to think of it as a neutral! Of all of Essie's purple shades, Lilacism is hands down my favorite. 

What do you guys think of these colors? Let me know what shades you're loving for spring in the comments below!